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Thank you for expressing interest in HappyTown Fundraisers, featuring renowned auctioneer/emcee Brett Walkow! At HappyTown, our mission lies in helping our clients achieve unprecedented fundraising success through our time-tested techniques. We are a family owned company with a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world. We foster long-term partnerships with non profits & organizations, guiding our clients towards unparalleled financial achievements. Together we make a meaningful difference, one event at a time.

Pre-Event Consultation Services

Successful fundraisers start with meticulous planning! We are your dedicated partners throughout the entire process, fully invested in your success. We offer our decades long expertise in comprehensive strategies to elevate your current program or collaborate with you to add new exciting revenue-generating elements. We will assist you in structuring your program to captivate and resonate with your specific donor base, ensuring that the evening is designed in a manner that maximizes your fundraising potential. We not only aim to create a memorable, emotionally impactful experience that inspires generous giving but also one that leaves attendees eagerly anticipating future engagements for years to come!

Live Auction Performance by Brett Walkow

Nationally touring auctioneer/emcee Brett Walkow is renowned for his ability to infuse fun into fundraisers and captivate crowds like no other. With his unique inspiring approach, Brett seamlessly blends time-tested techniques with humor and heartfelt enthusiasm during live auctions and fund-a-need paddle raises. His magnetic energy keeps the audience engaged, entertained, and motivated to contribute, all while effectively conveying your organization's narrative throughout the event. In short, Brett delivers results consistently, aiding organizations in surpassing their objectives. Brett's impressive portfolio includes collaborations with celebrities such as Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon, & Jerry Seinfeld. He has joined forces with clients ranging from McDonald's to Disney, and his appearances span from The Tonight Show to The Golden Globes.

Video Production & Social Media Marketing:

Experience the transformative power of HappyTown Studios, our award winning in-house production studio. We specialize in crafting captivating promotions to take your organization's message to new heights and boost attendance! Create an attention-grabbing commercial tailor-made for your social media. Forget mundane video montages during your event; instead, collaborate with our talented team to produce inspiring content igniting a profound desire within donors to contribute even more. Capture the enchantment of your gala on film, enabling you to garner lasting donations long after the event concludes with dynamic social media content reaching an audience wider than you ever have!


Elevate your video with charismatic host, television personality, Brett Walkow: "We needed wit, humor, charm, quick thinking, adaptability, and an enthusiasm for fundraising! Enter Brett Walkow to save the day! He pre-recorded some segments for the event and was also live the evening of. He took our script and really brought it to life. We received RAVE reviews and not only exceeded but DOUBLED our fundraising goal!" - Elmhurst Art Museum


Post Event Analysis & Consultation:

Once the incredible evening has come to an end and your team has had a well-deserved rest, we go the extra mile by scheduling a meeting with you to provide valuable feedback. We engage in meaningful discussions about your entire event, fundraising numbers, carefully analyze what aspects resonated most with your donors, and build upon successful strategies. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that every occasion is not only unforgettable but also highly profitable, with each subsequent event surpassing the previous one.

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